Rulemaking Documents

Below you will find links to the rulemaking documents for the In-Use Off-Road Diesel-Fueled Fleets Regulation corresponding to the appropriate year changes were adopted.

November 2022
Phase out of the oldest and highest-emitting off-road engines from operation, restrict the addition of vehicles with Tier 3 and 4i engines, require contracting entities to obtain and retain a fleet's valid Certificate of Reported Compliance prior to awarding a contract or hiring a fleet, mandate the use of R99 or R100 Renewable Diesel for all fleets, provide voluntary compliance flexibility options for fleets that adopt zero-emission technology, and include additional requirements to increase enforceability, provide clarity, and provide additional flexibility for permanent low-use vehicles. 
December 2010 AmendmentsDelayed the initial compliance date for all fleets by four years, provided a path to compliance without any required retrofits, and simplify the regulation.
July 2009 AmendmentsAmendments were approved to provide additional incentives to spur early actions by fleets to reduce emissions, and to make several minor clarifications to the regulation.
January 2009 AmendmentsExtended the deadline for receiving double credits for early installation of particulate matter retrofits, modify the changing-fleet-size requirements, clarify all sellers of off-road vehicles must maintain records of the disclosure of applicability.
Original RegulationRegulation adopted to reduce emission of diesel particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen from in-use off-road diesel vehicles operating in California.